We are an independently owned, and operated publishing press in Oregon City, Oregon. We edit and publish works of fiction, and poetry in our literary review and for stand alone electronic publication. 

We read for all genres of fiction, and poetry; but what we really look forward to reading is Science Fiction/ Speculative Fiction. An often underrated genre, we believe that the consideration of the SF genre and the imagination it inspires could progress societal structures, scientific discovery, and save our planet.

Mason J Press is looking for stories that inspire creative, thoughtful conversations about our potential futures. Stories that are based in scientific ideas including those found within the categorical sciences of social, biological, physical, environmental, astronomical, etc. These can be along the lines of dystopic literature, space exploration, alien encounters, biological manipulation or warfare, robotics, artificial intelligence integration, and much more.

More importantly we look for voices that have not traditionally been represented within the genre. These are the voices of women and men of color, the LGBTQ community, and indigenous or Native American voices.