Alex Hoffman-Ellis

Alex Hoffman-Ellis was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He's a graduate of Washington State University and is a lover of the beach, poetry, nature, travel, and fitness. Currently a part-time resident of Vancouver, B.C., he plays football in the CFL (Canadian Football League) and travels. In the off season, he substitute teaches. 

Works Published in Mason J. Press:
No Rainbows Without Rain
Untitled No. 1, Anthology Americana
Untitled No. 2, Anthology Americana
She, Anthology Americana

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John Wolf

John Wolf was born in Portland, raised in Indiana, now lives in Washington, and has traveled everywhere in between stages. He has shared one other Starr and the Unnamed Narrator story, "Many A Strange Thing" in the 2010 Salmon Creek Journal. He writes when he can, shares it with anyone who asks, and hopes you enjoy this latest piece about another chaotic scrape with Starr and the Unnamed Narrator.


Stories Published by Mason J. Press:
Starr's Still, Mason J. Review
Oranges Don't Grow In Indiana, Anthology Americana

  Megan Rafferty

Megan Rafferty is a high school senior at the Performing Arts Academy in New Jersey. She has one brother and a dog who loves to lay with her when she reads. She grew up as a child always having a passion for reading and writing. This year, her school offered a creative writing class and this is where this piece of work was born. Her hobbies include musical theatre, cheerleading and poetry. She works best on a nice day writing in the outdoors while listening to soft music. Megan loves to find ways to add parts of herself and her planned future into her stories to make it realistic for her readers. 

Works Published by Mason J. Press:
Brownies & Black and White Cookies, Mason J. Review

Jonathan Ogden

Jonathan Ogden is 26 years old, and a native of Tigard, OR. He will begin law school in the Fall. He studied at Portland State where he worked nights as a butcher for New Seasons to finance his education. Upon graduation, he moved to China, where he taught English. He returned to the USA this summer in anticipation of law school. He speaks English, Spanish, and Mandarin. He's an excellent cook and a poor guitar player. He also brews beer under the alias of Fairhaven Brewery.

Works Published by Mason J. Press:
Ixtabay, Mason J. Review

Kelley McDaniel

Kelley McDaniel is a vagabond writer currently residing in a minuscule town in South Carolina with her wolf-dog, Brutus. She occasionally has delusions of grandeur about writing, though currently her skills set has mostly brought her migraines, and a constantly itchy sense that something is always not right with the page at hand. She endeavors to someday make a living off of her novels, for which she is currently seeking, representation. Her published short story "Cat" is a chapter in her current working novel, Just Another Soldier.

Works Published by Mason J. Press:
Cat, Anthology Americana

Ray Dizazzo

Forty-five years ago, on a blistering summer day, my wife and I wandered along the boardwalk on Catalina Island, just off the Los Angeles coast.  We stepped into one of many small gift shops and I noticed a little white book with child-like drawings of flowers on the cover.  It was titled Songs for a Son, and written by a man named Robert L. Peters, a professor at California State University, Riverside. I picked it up and read from the back cover.  Professor Peters, it explained, had written these poems when overwhelmed with grief by the sudden death of his four-year old son from an onslaught of meningitis.  

The poetry was stunning.  Simple, direct, gut-wrenching.  But was it really poetry, I wondered?  With no rhymes or overt musical cadence?  No “sing-songy”, flowery Victorian language?  No inane sentimentality?  I wasn’t sure what to make of it, but I was sure of one thing.  The words created pictures in my mind and jolted me off the pages.  I knew at once this was the kind of writing I wanted to explore, understand and create – raw, visceral writing that would take my readers to another place, a place that made them not just read, but see and feel what I was trying to express.  

Today, I’ve managed to publish a good deal of work, and I’ve piled up many rejections.  But whatever my successes or failures, one thing is a constant.  Nearly a half century after discovering that wonderful little book, I am still amazed, still passionate and still trying to master this elusive craft.  

Works Published by Mason J. Press:
Voyager, Anthology Americana
The Revlon Slough, Anthology Americana
Winter Gulls at Dusk, Anthology Americana
Sniper, Anthology Americana

Christy Luse

Christy Luse earned her English degree from Washington State University's Vancouver campus and is still trying to figure out what to do with it. Born and raised in Vancouver, Washington, she has yet to get bored with the Pacific Northwest, enjoying her every adventure she can find. She craves storytelling in every form it comes in and is always looking for a new world to slip into. 

Works published by Mason J. Press:
Uno, Anthology Americana

Bryan Mclaughlin

A little bit about me? Well, beyond saying that I am Pacific Northwest born and enjoy going for long hikes and runs while also enjoying playing video games for hours on end, I find writing about myself really difficult. I never really know what to write without sounding arrogant and self absorbed. If I were ever asked to describe myself I might call myself a nerd in disguise but I wouldn’t call myself a writer. I’m bad at writing. What I’m good at is painting a picture using words. I’m an artist who uses the canvas of the imagination to create stories that I would enjoy being reality. To be truthful, I’m lazy. I let the reader do all the work. I just organize the words.

Works Published by Mason J. Press:
The KL9-CC1 Simulation, Anthology Americana