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See all that we have to offer you here at the Mason J Press. Support an emerging author and purchase a book. Enhance your own work and polish it for publication by utilizing our editing services. Donate to the Mason J Press and help a small business achieve its goals in further community enrichment. Submit your work for publication! 


No Rainbows Without Rain

A beautiful introductory collection of poems about overcoming trials and experiencing joy from the emerging poet Alex Hoffman-Ellis. Each poem captures a raw natural essence that perfectly encapsulates the subject and portrays a vivid picture. 


Editing Services

Need a work of fiction edited? We can do that! Select your word limit and we'll begin the collaborative work together. Edits of written fictional works will be for grammar, structure, content, and organization. We aim to make your work the best it can be while maintaining your authorial voice and style. 



100% of your donation goes to keeping this small business running! We aim to enrich the writing community by giving the writers who wouldn't have a chance of being noticed at a big box publishing house an opportunity to shine and let their work get the attention it deserves. Mason J Press is also dedicated to giving back to the community by tutoring students and assisting teachers. In the future we hope to expand our services to offering writing classes, workshops, and editing services to those within our local community. 



We want to read your work. There are opportunities for you to publish not only full length works for retail, but also for our literary review. Many authors have started by publishing first in a literary review so submit your work now!