Time has almost run out!

Hello, fellow Inklings!

This is just a reminder that there is only three more days remaining for you to submit your wonderful masterpieces to our Kick Off the Review Writing Contest. We would like to quote a passage from Stephen King's book On Writing for a bit of last minute inspiration. 

"Try any goddam thing you like, no matter how boringly normal or outrageous. If it works, fine. If it doesn't, toss it. Toss it even if you love it. Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch once said, 'Murder your darlings,' and he was right."

We want you to push your boundaries and create something you never dreamed of before. We love the new and innovative thoughts we've seen in contemporary literature today, and we think we can push those thoughts even further with your help. 

Here are the guidelines once more:

Deadline to submit: March 1st, 2015 

To kick off our launch, and to give you all a feel for what to expect out of the Mason J. Press and the Review, we're hosting a contest. This is open to all ages and genres (with the exception of erotica and fanfiction). These include but are not limited to Fiction, Non-fiction, Poetry, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Technical essays, Personal essays, Memoirs, etc. We encourage Poetry entries to include a collection of poetry to be judged as a whole work. Submissions must be typed and emailed to the submissions@masonjpress.com with the work attached in .pdf or .doc format. Please no submissions longer than 50 pages. 

Our winners will be the top 10 submissions regardless of category. These artists will be featured on our artists page and will have their work edited and published on the Mason J. Review. The number one finalist will receive a handcrafted book with their work published within it. 

If you are a college student or high school student, or even just looking to boost your resume, this is an excellent way to do so!