Anthology Americana Needs Submissions

We're almost to the deadline! We have just a little less than a month to gather all your wonderful submissions and we've only received one! Submitting and publishing with the Anthology means several things. If you are published: YOU WILL BE PAID (a maximum of fifty cents per page up to 50 pages) and it's a great resume/ portfolio builder. Something to note: This an electronic publication only. 

Here are the guidelines:

  • Only submissions of Fiction and Poetry will be accepted.
  • Submissions must be typed and submitted via email ( with the subject line : Anthology Americana
  • Submissions cannot exceed a 50 page limit (size 11 font Arial, single spaced)
  • Submissions must comply to the theme of Americana (Wikipedia)

We are so excited to produce this anthology and showcase your work. So submit your work and tell your friends. It's free to submit and the deadline is September 30th.