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Jerry's Profile and Other Stories is a great new collection of short stories based in Nigerian culture from the author Nkwachukwu Ogbuagu. The collection is vast and varied with vibrant characters and interesting situations. Support a wonderful artist and a small press buy purchasing your copy today. Visit our shop to purchase your copy. 

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Written in the first person narrative technique, Jerry’s Profile tells the story of a young woman who drinks her own urine by way of alternative medication. Her husband repulses her for this and disengages himself from her and flees unceremoniously. The woman, sad and bitter, relocates far away and remarries, abandoning their only son Jerry, who is raised by an uncle. From his uncle, poor Jerry learns the truth of the cause of his parents’ separation and searches far and wide to reunite with them. While his father is never heard of again, he gets to know about his mother – in a most bizarre, tragic and humiliating way! 

The Embattled Kindredas its title suggests, is a story of a kindred battered by all manner of misfortunes brought about by natural retribution because their ancestors had engaged lucratively in slave trade and in all sorts of illegal trading.

This Female Circumcision! A semi-literate man insists on having his baby girl circumcised because he fears she may grow up to be morally loose if the surgery is not done. His wife, a graduate, objects vehemently. The man has his way eventually, and the result proves catastrophic. 

The Sculptor  James Ibe, a chronic bachelor, is a weird and gifted sculptor and fine artist, who places his many works, including busts and figurines, all over his apartment. He soon learns that beyond house decoration, the images serve even greater purposes.

Biafra tells a story of a young, ambitious man born on the day the defunct Biafra seceded from Nigeria. For this coincidence, he earns for himself the nickname, Biafra. His mother dies from a rabid dog’s bite and his father, a mason, falls off a high scaffold and becomes paraplegic. Biafra passes through unemployment and all manner of hard times before getting reprieve provided by his winning a US Visa lottery, and gaining a visa afterwards. His plans to relocate to the United States are however, thwarted by his village god, who insists on him remaining home in the village and being its custodian for a period of twenty years. Some part of this story is told both in the present and past tense in order to make it socially realistic. 

The Portrait of a Man Josiah Ibekwe, a Christian, battles his heathen kinsmen. He and his family are ostracised and suffer emotionally for a protracted period until happy circumstances surrounding his beautiful first daughter gives him a renewed portrait, which alters drastically, his estranged kinsmen’s low opinion of him. 

Matters Arising A professor of botany discovers to his dismay, that the palm wine tapped by his kinsman, which has lost its previous good taste and high quality, is not the tapper’s fault, after all. Climate change is responsible, perhaps.

Temptations Rosemary is infected by an incurable body odour and is taunted openly for it by hard-hearted neighbours. Tempted to take her own life, she’s rescued most mysteriously. After this, a new beginning, so rewarding, comes her away.

Not My Dog!  An old dog belonging to an aged, skilled hunter is about to be sacrificed for the funeral of its owner, who just died. A grandson of the hunter,  a young university undergraduate , who’s  well aware of the worldwide campaign against cruelty to animals, has other ideas and tries to save the poor dog.

Confusion!  is a tragedy of a one-act school drama that is scripted to end in the death of one of the thespians. Confusion sets in when indeed, the thespian, a promising girl named Kate, dies in real life at the end of the drama.

A Visit to the Dead tells a story of Abel Okoro, a civil service retiree and habitual drunk, who offends the spirit of the dead by pouring libations on the wrong grave at a cemetery. He pays dearly for his mistake. 

The Rainmaker There’s severe drought in the land, a punishment from the gods. A rainmaker succeeds in bringing down the rains, but pays a huge price for it.